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The Kardashians Have Reportedly Re-Signed With E! For $150 Million

Kris Jenner and her many children have signed a five-year contract with the E! Network, according to TMZ. The Kardashians will be paid $30 million a season, with the money distributed among the family members however they see fit. (That’s going to be one seriously heavy family meeting.) The $30 million dollars is also a raise for Kris and company — an entire 10 million more than they were paid for the last five seasons.

While the future of the Kardashian television empire has been secured, the future of the actual family, or at least how it’s growing, is still up for debate. Kim Kardashian West has confirmed she and husband Kanye West are expecting their third child via surrogate, but Khloé Kardashian’s alleged pregnancy is still just a rumor, one most recently bolstered by an Instagram photo of the three eldest Kardashian sisters that featured Khloé slightly hidden by Kim and Kourtney (hiding a baby bump, according to online speculation).

Whether there are three Kardashian babies on the way, or only one, viewers at home will be able to watch the family grow in size and influence for many years to come.

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