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The Full 911 Call Regarding Kenneka Jenkins (Audio)

Kenneka Jenkins mother’s 911 call reporting the 19-year-old missing has been released.


  • Dolly Dee

    This guy do not need to work front desk! He’s a fucking retard! Always follow your instints and I would have gotten a second opinion. She should have ask to speak to a supervisor because that Rookie dont know shit!!!!! Im Pissed!

    • MoniLove

      You can’t file a missing person report until they have gone missing for 24 hours. That’s standard procedure. And he wasn’t at the front desk, that’s an actual trained individual working the 911 switchboard.

      • Jamillah Fon

        He’s a retard no sense of urgency just send the cops for goodness sake.

  • Unique Brown

    wow.. no urgency at all.. he should’ve sent a squad car..

  • Unique Brown

    Wow this kid was alive during this call. I mad no one tried to save her that had the ability to.

  • Kimberly Graham Gonzalez

    Why did all 3 “friends” go back up to get Kenneka’s cell phone?… WHY didnt at least one stay with her?. Knowing she was drunk?!
    And the Mother KNEW something was not right, knew the “friends” weren’t telling her the truth! Bless her heart

    • Tiffany Farmer

      Im thinking the same thing

      • Celeb Editor

        so sad

    • Celeb Editor

      I said the something, like why didn’t they ALL go get the phone.

  • Taahira Garcia

    how did the officer new which hotel, he corrected her statement he said are you sure its not the Crowne plaza on rosemount thats weird like why would he make that analogy!

  • MissyBailey817

    Just sad! I wonder how he feels after learing of her death.

    • Celeb Editor

      I’m sure very bad

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