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Tennessee Couple Claim They Accidentally Killed 23 Month-Old Girl During Argument

Gigionthat.com has learned On June 24th, the Memphis Fire Department responded to a call at an apartment complex. There, they found 23 month-old Amelia unresponsive. She was taken to a hospital in critical condition. Sadly, she didn’t make it and she was later pronounced dead. Her mother, Keinosha Taper, and Taper’s boyfriend, Gregory Ford, have been charged with murder in the death of 23-month-old Amelia.

Amelia Taper murder

What Happened To Amelia? When speaking with police, Keinosha Taper, the mother of 23 month-old Amelia, revealed to investigators that the night before her daughter’s death, she was arguing with her boyfriend, Gregory Ford. During the course of their argument, it became physical and Ford allegedly pushed Taper onto the bed. Upon pushing Taper on the bed, 23 month-old Amelia was pushed off the bed and to the ground. Taper revealed that from there she fell on top of her daughter. However, the story gets worse. According to Fox 13, an affidavit stated that Keinosha told officers Amelia began throwing up when she fell on her. Sadly, Amelia’s throwing up didn’t stop the adults from fighting. Taper also admitted to throwing the 23-month-old into the pen, which caused the girl to hit her head on the corner. That allegedly happened as the fight between the adults continued. Despite the fact that both adults admitted to Amelia being injured, they waited 25 minutes before calling for help. Investigators believe that Amelia’s untreated injuries caused her death but an autopsy revealed more disturbing news.

The grandmother of Amelia, NiQuetta Baldridge Smith, was sickened when she learned of the abuse her granddaughter endured. Smith is  Keinosha Taper’s mother and she was heartbroken to read the amount of abuse her granddaughter experienced.

I read it some of it. But adjust, I couldn’t stomach it it was just it was just sickening to know the abuse that she suffered at the hands of them, Smith said to Fox 13. I’ve lost my grandbaby and my daughter. So, it’s hard.

It’s really hard, Smith said. Fox 13 reported that an autopsy on Amelia Taper revealed several internal injuries, according to arrest affidavits for Keinosha Taper and Gregory Ford. The reported injuries included a “fresh” liver laceration, multiple tears and lacerations internally, abdominal hemorrhaging, suspicions of punches or kicks to the abdomen, bruises on the scalp, face and head, and two rib fractures.

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