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SAD NEWS: Rapper Yung Mazi Shot and Killed

Sources have confirmed that local Atlanta rapper, Yung Mazi, was shot to death Sunday night in Atlanta’s Kirkwood community.

Police responded to the shooting, near the intersection of Oakview Road and Hosea L. Williams Drive, around 8:55 p.m., where they found the victim had sustained multiple gunshot.

Police said the victim, who appears to have been targeted, was shot multiple times in front of a pizza business called Urban Pie.

Police said they responded to the incident when they heard gunshots from outside Zone 6 headquarters, which is located at 2025 Hosea L. Williams Drive.

Social media was ablaze with unconfirmed reports and speculation that the victim was Yung Mazi, whose real name is Jibril A.

Yung Mazi was shot at a Buckhead Waffle House in the early morning hours of Dec. 27, 2016. He was shot three times during that particular incident and had even disclosed to police that he was shot 10 times prior to this shooting.


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