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Lawsuit Claims Rodent was Baked into Chick-fil-A Sandwich

A suburban Philadelphia woman claims she got an extra topping in her Chick-Fil-A sandwich last year: a dead rodent.

Ellen Manfalouti filed a lawsuit in Bucks County Court over the tiny rodent she claims was baked into the bottom bun of her chicken sandwich.

The 46-year-old tells The Philadelphia Inquirer her co-worker picked up the sandwich at the chain’s Langhorne location in Nov. 2016. The two were starting to eat when she “felt something funny” and thought the bun was burned.

Her co-worker says she knew it was a rodent because she saw the whiskers and tail.

Manfalouti’s lawyer says he filed a suit against franchise owner and the store after they weren’t responsive to complaints.

Owner Dave Heffernan and the Atlanta-based fast-food chain say they can’t comment on litigation.

Manfalouti is seeking more than $50,000 for physical and psychological damages.

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