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Venus Williams Claims Car Crash Victim Not Wearing Seatbelt

Gigionthat.com has learned that new legal documents obtained by Daily Mail show the tennis star, Venus Williams, is denying all allegations that she contributed to the death of Jerome Barson in a collision that occurred in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on June 9th.

Fighting Back:

The Wimbledon finalist is fighting back against allegations that she contributed to the death of Jerome Barson in a collision that occurred in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on June 9th. On the day of the accident, Jerome Barson was in the car with his wife, Linda who was driving their Hyundai Accent. Tragedy struck when their vehicle T-boned Williams’ vehicle at an intersection in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Immediately, the Barsons went to the hospital and it was reported that Linda Barson was fine with no injuries. However, Jerome Barson had internal bleeding and organ damage. Sadly, he died two weeks later on his wife’s 68th birthday. No charges were filed against Venus as investigators believe that she was not texting while driving nor was she under the influence. However, Daily Mail revealed last week how the Barson family lawyers requested her phone bill for June along with a list of any medications she had taken in the 72 hours prior to the collision. According to Barson’s attorney, camera footage allegedly shows Williams moving her hand towards her face before the collision and they want to know if she was texting or talking on the phone while driving. While the attorney for the family tried to retrieve Williams’ phone records, the 37-year-old  tennis star opposed the notice served on T-Mobile last Thursday.

The Barson family filed a six-page wrongful death lawsuit as they contend that Williams failed to stop at a red light, drove too fast, carelessly, and distracted in the moments leading up to a deadly crash. The Barsons want to see the title and registration for Williams’ Toyota Sequoia, any personal videos or photos she took of the crash site, and her driving record for the past 7 years, including all traffic and crash reports.

While Williams stated that the accident was unfortunate, as she was in tears when she spoke about the crash during the Wimbledon finals, the tennis star maintains that she entered the intersection on a green light when she turned and that she couldn’t get clear of the intersection because of traffic. Just as the Barsons feel that Williams was negligent, she feels that they were negligent as well. According to the Daily Mail, Williams is finding the Barsons at fault for allegedly not wearing seat belts, court papers state. The Wimbledon finalist is also claiming Jerome and Linda Barson failed to adequately maintain and repair their vehicle. In addition, Williams discredited the claims that Linda Barson sustained a permanent injury, scarring or disfigurement.

Venus is not bowing down as court papers show that she is requesting a list of documents. Leaving no stone unturned, Venus is now demanding the estate hand over all autopsy reports, death certificate, copies of marriage certificates, tax returns for past five years, life insurance policies, health insurance policies and that’s not all. Venus also wants photos taken from the crash, medical records for the past 5 years, as well as blood samples from the autopsy. In addition, Venus even wants copies of their educational background. There’s more! Williams points out that “third parties”, presumably the other cars besides her and the Barsons, contributed to the hectic scene at the intersection that led to the crash. Williams says those drivers should be held responsible as well. Bottom line, Williams feels like it ain’t her fault.


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