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New Jersey Man Steals $100k On His First Day Of His New Job

19-year-old Larry Brooks got himself a new job as a security officer and wasted no time getting to the money.


According to True New Jersey, it was his first day on the job at GARDA — a cash vault and armored car company — as a security officer. The source reports that Fairfield police say, on Thursday, he was accused of stealing $100,000 from the business on his first day of work.

He was arrested after the lump sum theft was captured by surveillance cams on the company’s premises. The source reports as follows. “Brooks was charged with theft for allegedly taking the cash Tuesday evening, authorities said. Security officers reportedly found $85,900 in a vehicle parked in Elizabeth before police were alerted, the chief added.” That being, Chief Anthony Manna of the Fairfield Police Department.

Although they didn’t recover all the stolen money, Manna said there was no concrete conclusion regarding the whereabouts of the rest of the funds. True New Jersey attempted to contact the Fairfield GARDA facility. However, the company didn’t return the medium’s inquiry.

This is definitely a saddening story. Brooks was given a chance to make something better of himself, and instead took the risk for a “big payday.”

Clearly he didn’t think this through…at all.

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