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Hold Up: Did Cam Newton Come Out of the Closet??

NFL superstar Cam Newton made a bizarre Instagram post yesterday, causing people to believe that he just came out the closet.

Cam took a quote from Jay-Z’s “Smile.” For those who don’t know, the rapper debuted the song on his new 4:44 album. The song was Jay’s public statement about his mother’s sexuality. Now, tons of fans are wondering why Cam would quote lines from that song.

Apparently, former NFL MVP Cam Newton enjoyed the message because he took the poem and typed it all out in his strange font on Instagram with a picture of himself smiling gleefully. Whether Cam loves the song, the message of empowerment or is trying to tell the world something is anybody’s guess.

Of course, Cam has yet to respond to the allegations since he just posted the photo a few hours ago. But, it’s possible that Cam used the quote as an example of his own life where being a celebrity is concerned. Most celebrities live life in the public eye and they are constantly under scrutiny, unable to live normal lives like everyone else. Right now, no one knows if Cam will ever respond to the allegations.

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