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Bankruptcy Documents Reveal 50 Cent Borrowed $20K From Omari Hardwick

50 Cent recently filed bankruptcy documents, and the details have been reported by theJasmineBrand.com.

In the docs, 50 Cent allegedly revealed that he had borrowed $20,000 from Omari Hardwick, which the documents show he repaid by having the full amount sent to his Power co-star in cash.

The legal documents detail the resolution of the legal proceedings between 50 and  luxury auto shop Phenomenal Vinyl.

50 Cent filed a lawsuit against  Phenomenal Vinyl, Rim Source Motorsports and Forgiato last year for using his face and name to sell their products and services. He said that they had worked on his cars, but he had told them that they should not use him to sell their wares, a deal that he claimed they went back on, though the company claimed that he gave them his implied consent to use the photos.

The luxury auto shop sued 50 Cent in return for $21,781.81 that they claimed he owed them for work that they did on his Bentley Mulsanne. The work totalled $31,781.81, but 50 Cent only paid the first $10,000. He claimed that the work was overpriced as retaliation for his lawsuit and claimed that they were holding his car hostage.

The suit was discreetly settle with both parties dropping their case.


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