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WHOA: Joseline Hernandez DISRESPECTS Stevie J’s Daughter Savannah Jordan

As Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J‘s relationship continues along the road to repair, the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican princess’s bond with her baby’s father’s children continues to fall by the wayside, with the reality star only making things worse with her every word.

WE all know there’s no love between Joseline and Stevie’s daughter Savannah Jordan.

Savannah washed her hands of the “Puerto Rican Princess” after she made molestation allegations against Stevie J and his father.

Joseline and Savannah also had a very heated confrontation two weeks ago on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” but it was what Bonnie Bella‘s mama said on Twitter on Tuesday that may be the nail in the coffin.

Monsters and Critics tweeted, “@hitmansteviej’s daughter @snj_23 says @MsJoseline is “toxic” to her father on @LoveHipHopVH1: #LHHATL”

Joseline responded, “That hoe mad cause I run her daddy. Now run along and find your own c**k to suck. You nappy head ✌️.”

When someone chastised her for talking to Stevie’s daughter that way, Ms. Hernandez added, “That young lady is 18. She’s grown enough to ditch it out she will grown who to take it!! I’m done with this conversation. Back to Reality.”

Nevertheless, the Twitter community let the reality star have it, with an overwhelming majority expressing their disgust with her words.

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