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Poor Baby: Keyshia Cole Afraid She’s Losing her Mother ‘Frankie’ To the Streets

Keyshia Cole and her mother, Frankie Lons, have had an extremely up-and-down relationship with each other over the years and we’ve seen Lons go back and forth between making progress with her life and her daughters and struggling with her past as a convict and addict.

On Sunday, the businesswoman got very emotional on Twitter where she explained that her mother recently broke her heart by not only letting her demons get the best of her but by saying she has no plans to fight them.

The “I Changed My Mind” and “I Should Have Cheated” singer explained that her mother has more or less chosen drugs over her.

She said: “I told my mother the other day I was afraid to lose her because she keeps going back to the streets. You kno what she said? In return? She said. ‘YOU’LL be aight.’”

The charming television personality tweeted: “I was like. Wtf is that suppose to mean. Smh. I will NOT be ok if something happens to her. AT ALL! Not amount of money could replace. I don’t think she cares. Really tho. I don’t.”

She went on to explain: “Thanks. It really did break my heart to hear her say that. I couldn’t imagine leaving my child before. Thinking. He’ll be aight.’”

The mother of one said Lons’ answer made her weep.

She revealed: “And I was crying when I said it. I get to think she feels no pain.”

Our heart goes out to Cole and we really do hope that Lons remains clean and stays away from the streets for her sake and the sake of her children.

Hundreds of fans have flooded to social media to wish her the best as she deals with this situation.

What do you all think of Cole’s tweets?

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