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WARNING: True People Search Broadcasting Your Personal info to Anyone Who Searches Your Name

Expectations for privacy have decreased as internet and social media use have increased, but sometimes websites take it too far.

True People Search has garnered negative attention for making personal information easily accessible on their site. It prompts you to search a name, and possibly a zip code, into a search bar. Based solely on those two pieces of information, you can find out that person’s age, phone numbers, current address, past address and relatives.

True People Search said in their “About” section that their mission was to help people find lost family and friends.

True People Search How To Remove Your INFO:

  1. Check the Box to confirm you’re the subject removing your record and click the verification box.This is a tricky thing because it tells the website that you confirm your information was correct, however, would you rather it be visible or would you rather have this website collect information? End it today!

  2. Click Begin Removal, Click The Search Bar, Type Your Name In, Click Your Profile, Scroll To The Bottom Until You See REMOVE THIS RECORD (see image), click it.

Their about section appears to show a good intent, however did they take into account stalkers, abusers, rapist, killers, terrorist?! Also, where did they get our information from?! This is a violation of our privacy rights, don’t let this website be the downfall of your life. It’s too dangerous!

After I followed the steps, my name and information was removed from the website within minutes. It may not be the same for you, however, it appears, it has been removed. Not just this one, but others as well leaving me to feel more comfortable about information which may be public that I wish to keep private.

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