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Target Launches Gay Pride Products for Your Children

Target has stepped up its support of the LGBT community by launching a “Gay pride” product line aimed at adolescents and teenagers.

The gay pride line consists of t-shirts, tank tops, pants, shorts, swim trunks, iPhone cases and other items to attract impressionable young people.

The items feature the bright, colorful gay rainbow and features words such as “TAKE PRIDE” and “WEAR IT WITH PRIDE”. The new line is being rolled out to celebrate “Gay Pride Month” in June.

Target is offering to donate 50 percent of the purchase price of any LGBT item to GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network).”

“We’re making our message loud and clear: Target proudly stands with the LGBT community through all that we do,” said Laysha Ward, an executive with Target.

Target also eliminated all gender references in toys and bedding departments and removed “boys” and “girls” signs to promote gender neutrality in its stores.

Target’s stock price declined sharply and the company lost billions when the company announced its controversial bathroom policy allowing men to use women’s restrooms.

The loss of billions in revenue forced the corporate giant to fire five top executives and cut CEO Brian Cornell’s salary by one-third.


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