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The Woman 50 Cent Punched Is Preparing To Sue

Just last week  50 Cent made headlines for punching a woman after she pulled his arm and pulled him off stage while he performed in Baltimore.

According to TMZ, Donnetta Derr has reportedly gotten a law firm behind her, and she expected to sue 50 Cent early next week. She is reportedly also suing The Lox, as 50 performed with them the night of the incident, and she is reportedly suing the concert venue, Baltimore Soundstage.

Many people thought everything was settled as Derr later went on stage and twerked following the incident, but that obviously was not the case.

Attorney Warren Brown told TMZ that Derr went to the hospital the day after the concert and hired him on Monday. Brown also described 50’s actions from that night as “cowardly.”

If you missed what happened, check it out below:

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