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See What’s In Carmelo Anthony & LaLa’s Prenup

Before tying the knot in 2010, the Knicks star Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony signed a prenuptial agreement that would protect his millions should they divorce, according to TMZ.

News of the prenup comes three days after it emerged that Melo and his wife were splitting. The ex-MTV VJ moved out of their Manhattan pad several months ago, claiming Melo was two-timing her throughout their seven-year marriage.

Anthony is in the middle of a $124 million contract, and has raked in more than $200 million during his career.

Melo has a lot more in the money dept. He’s been a top brand ambassador to the Jordan brand and Foot Locker.

As for La La … she was making money as an MTV VJ when they met and has continued to work through the marriage as an actress, model and producer.

All that said, prenups are not necessarily airtight and are frequently challenged by the person who ends up with the short end of the stick. These challenges almost always result in a settlement where the person with the money antes up more than required under the written agreement.

One other thing. Some prenups actually include “cheating clauses,” which entitle the non-cheating party to more money if the spouse strayed. As we reported, a woman claims she’s pregnant with Melo’s kid. We don’t know if this clause is included in their prenup.

That ‘cheating’ clause gets people caught up pretty frequently. La La could get QUITE the payout.

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