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Rosa Parks’ Niece SLAMS Comparisons of United Airlines Passenger to Iconic Aunt

Urana McCauley, the niece of Rosa Parks, says that it’s ridiculous to draw comparisons between her aunt and United Airlines passenger David Dao.

The comparison was sparked by Dao’s attorney during a recent press conference regarding Dao’s lawsuit against the airline. The attorey basically referred to the unfortunate incident as the ‘modern day Asian’ replica of Rosa Parks.’

In case you’ve been sleep for the past week, let us explain. A United Airlines passenger, Dr. David Dao, paid for his flight ticket, but was subsequently dragged off of the airplane for refusing to de-board the plane due to United’s overbooking their flights. He ended up with a cut lip and degrading tactics used against him by way of the United Airlines staffers as a result.


Now, it was incredibly wrong for those staffers to treat that man like a second class citizen. However, it’s also incredibly wrong to compare Mrs. Parks history changing defiance- which was a major influence ending legalized segregation against African Americans in public transportation, as well as in many other legalized aspects across America- to Dao getting dragged off of a plane over an airline ticket.

She then added, “A lot of people love to compare themselves to her or like others, but there is no comparison. And just on a personal level, because I grew up with her and know what she endured personally that a lot of times the public does not know — these things weren’t in a textbook, the death threats my aunt was getting all the way up until 2000.”

“You can’t say that the same thing that happened to him is the same thing that happened to people like my aunt, who helped change history forever,” she concluded.

Rosa’s niece, Urana: “What Dr. Dao s going to do is probably change the policy of United Airlines, but what my Aunt did is change history.”

Well said Urana McCauley.

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