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PUMA Sues ‘Forever 21’ Copying Rihanna Shoe Designs

In 2013, Rihanna won a $5 million lawsuit against Topshop after the British retailer starting selling a T-shirt printed with her image without permission, and now Puma—with which the pop star has a footwear partnership—is suing Forever 21 for knocking off key Fenty X Rihanna designs, including the line’s signature $80 Leadcat Fenty Fur Slide, the recently-released Bow Slide, $90, and the $99 suede Creepers, according to TMZ.

The site got its hands on the lawsuit, which states that by Forever 21 selling so-called copies, demand decreases and stops the footwear from being seen by consumers as a luxury. Adding insult to injury: Forever 21’s versions of the shoes in question only cost between $18 and $25. The suit, filed in Federal court, also demands the chain cease selling the styles and turn over all profits made.


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