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It’s Official: Jennifer Williams Will Return to Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives veteran Jennifer Williams has officially returned to the series.

The reality star has already “signed her contract and already started filming" for Season 6, according to TheJasmineBrand.

“We’re told that producers want to create a storyline about Jennifer and Evelyn’s beef with each other. We hear that at some point, Jennifer is going to confront Evelyn."

Jennifer is one of the originals of the Miami cast, but when her relationship with Evelyn spun out of control, she didn’t return to the show. A confrontation between the two would definitely make for good ratings, but I want to see if the two can become best friends again.

Are you guys excited to see Jennifer return to Basketball Wives?

  • Ladyday54

    Jennifer was my favorite basketball wife on the cancelled show & I was so sorry to see her go. I was very excited recently when I heard she would be joining Basketball Wives LA, but following the announcement of her return I kept waiting and waiting, but she still hasn’t returned! I’ve been searching online to find out what the delay has been, but there hasn’t been any updated information. Is Evelyn still standing in the way of her return? If anyone needs to be banned from the show it should be Evelyn! It was mostly her behavior that caused the downfall of Basketball Wives Miami! Has anyone heard any recent news about it?

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