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IRS Demands R. Kelly To Pay $223k in Back Taxes ASAP.

The IRS is demanding R. Kelly to pay a whooping $223k in back taxes.

According to theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, more tax issues for R. Kelly. Unfortunately, the legendary singer and songwriter currently owes millions in unpaid taxes over multiple years and now the IRS has hit him with a brand new lien over $223k over more unpaid taxes.

The IRS filed a federal tax lien against Kelly in Illinois. The official document accuses him of refusing to pay up on his 2015 tax bill, to the tune of $223,490.37.

As is customary, Uncle Sam threatens to seize property and assets if he doesn’t pay up ASAP.

Kelly was also hit with a state tax lien by the Illinois Department of Revenue. They accused him of owing $35,915.41 in taxes to the state.

The two liens are the latest in a series of financial issues for Kelly during the last couple years. The IRS filed a separate lien last year over Kelly’s $2.3 million unpaid tax bill for 2014.

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