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New Song: Remy Ma Comes At Nicki Minaj With “Another One”

Remy Ma is back with more bars for Nicki with “Another One.”

Remy Ma aint done folks. Just days after hitting us her “SHether” diss aimed at Nicki Minaj, Remy decides to take a page out of Drizzy’s book and hit us with “Another One” before Nicki could even respond.

Premiered moments ago by Flex on Hot 97, Remy does her things once again, and takes shots at Nicki for taking too long to respond, even mimicking Drake’s flow & lyrics from “Back 2 Back” in the process. “Waited 4 days ma, where y’all at?” Remy spits. 

“I guess now you know who the head bitch is/I’m a savage, I be killing dead bitches/I bet you wish that you ain’t never said shit,” Remy raps. “Now they so busy shooting videos, I’m like nah/Where the fuck is your song?/I mean come on.”

Later in the tune, Remy claims to have incriminating footage of Nicki. “Bet you wondering how I know your problems,” she rhymes. “There’s a lot of people that you really bothered/They were selling footage and you know I bought it.”

Remy also uses Nicki’s loss in the battle to pun on the name of deceased rap legend Lamont “Big L” Coleman and his Diggin’ In The Crates crew. “This ain’t a little L, wait, wait/You took a big L, you digging in the crates.”


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