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NBA Player Kyrie Irving Is NOT A Fan Of The Movie “Get Out”

Jordan Peele’s hit movie ‘Get Out’ has been the talk around social media since the movie release. Some people loved the movie and others thought the movie wasn’t that good, which we all know is normal.

NBA Cavs player Kyrie Irving is one of those people that didn’t like the movie and here’s why.

Via Bossip:

NBA baller and part time conspiracy theorist Kyrie Irving revealed that he is in the 1% of people who claim that they didn’t enjoy Jordan Peele’s record breaking movie “Get Out”. This revelation came in a podcast interview called Road Trippin‘ where Kyrie and Lebron James spoke about going to see the movie together. Kyrie said he had seen the movie already and was waiting on Lebron’s opinion.

Kyrie says “I wasn’t a particularly great fan of Get Out, I wasn’t. And I will let you guys go see it…”Lebron interrupts the Olympic basketball player, as if he was trying to clarify: “But you guys also know that Kyrie [inaudible] goes against the grain at all times and he has his own mind…(because) Kyrie thinks so deep.”LOL, Lebron knew his homie was going to get slack for saying that.

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