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New Music: Jidenna – “Bambi”

Jidenna drops his latest single “Bambi,” which will appear on his forthcoming album, “The Chief.”


On the Doo-wop single, Jidenna warns the love of his life not get too near because, after all, he is a man who cheats and lies.

Jidenna sings:

Oh Bambi it’s my design
To run the jungle I must be a lion
Or be a cheetah but neither is fine
Don’t wanna hurt my dear love of my life

His life is complicated because Bambi has heeded his warning. Bambi is marrying another man who she hopes will exercise a little more discipline.

But Jidenna cautions her:

I got the wedding invitation Bambi
I’m happy that he wants to make a family
But I cannot promise I won’t run up in the church
There screaming your name Bambi
No one can take you from me Bambi

Rated B roses

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