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Actor Kofi Siriboe Has a Thing for Issa Rae……

Actor Kofi Siriboe has a thing for Issa Rae.


After Kofi posted a photo of himself tuxedoed down while wearing shades. As you can see the caption is Issa Rae is still bae… and Kofi even tagged Issa in the picture.

The comments section quickly filled up with fans excited about the prospect of a new black power couple on the horizon.

This could all have just been an inside joke between the actors, though, as the Insecure actress responded by leaving a comment under the post which read, “Stop *clapping emoji* playing *clapping emoji*.”

Kofi wasn’t letting down without a fight, so he responded to her comment, simply saying, “BAE.”

While this would definitely be a picture perfect couple for sure, these two are said to be in committed relationships of their own, so it may all just be in good fun.

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