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WTH: Joe McKnight’s Killer, Ronald Gasser, Released From Custody

Ronald Gasser, the man authorities say shot and killed former NFL player Joe McKnight, was released from custody overnight without being charged, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office authorities said Friday morning (Dec. 2).


The Sheriff’s department admits that Gasser, without a doubt, shot McKnight but there are “questions about the circumstances surrounding what led up to it.” Gasser was released because investigators say they had no reason to hold him any longer.

The shooting occurred around 3pm in Tarrytown, La. A witness who declined to give her name, says that she saw Gasser yelling at McKnight at an intersection before shooting McKnight, who could be heard apologizing. Gasser then stood over McKnight’a body and said, “I told you don’t you f— with me,” before firing again.

Gasser remained at the scene until police arrived. Authorities say he handed over his weapon without further incident. They also said no weapon was found on or near McKnight.

The investigation is still open and the case could go to the grand jury or the district attorney, who will decide whether or not charges should be filed.

If anyone with information about the shooting to contact department homicide detectives at 504-364-5393.

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