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Naturi Naughton Addresses Alleged Beef With Lil’ Kim (Video)

When the Biggie Smalls biopic “Notorious” hit theaters in 2009, it was met with rave reviews from fans and many of the hip hop figures portrayed in the movie. However, not everyone was very pleased with the casting, especially famous rapper Lil Kim.


The other night Naturi appeared on VH1 Live, and when asked by Marc Lamont Hill, about the rumor feud Naturi explained that she has absolutely no beef with Kim, but has heard that she didn’t like Naturi playing her in the film.

During the show, Hill asked Naughton about her perspective of Kimmy’s issues with her, to which Naughton said, “The shade is real, I don’t understand it.”

“You know what Marc, maybe you can find out why. All I know is, I had the pleasure and honor of playing Lil’ Kim in the film ‘Notorious,'” she went on to say. “I was a first time actress in a film, you know? This was the beginning of my career. I’m a little black girl from New Jersey, why not support that?”

As for the beef rumored between the ladies since 2009, Naughton said that there was no beef.

“I don’t have any beef. How am I gonna squash beef that I didn’t have? I’m just all love and positivity, and moving on to ‘Power’ and all the great things in my life,” she said.

Kudos to Naughton for taking all that negativity in stride, because it’s clearly paid off.

Check out Naturi Naughton‘s “VH1 Live!” interview below, and catch her every Sunday at 9 p.m. on Starz’s hit show “Power.”

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