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Check Out LHHATL’s Scrapp DeLeon 8th Month Old Son With Long Time Girlfriend ‘Erica’

I’m sure you remember when Joseline Hernandez said Scrapp DeLeon had a girlfriend that no one knew about?


Scrapp, whose legal name is Will Cortez Robinson, asked for leniency stating that he was a father to 2 boys and that he was a changed man.
After the judge dropped a the BIG bombshell that Scrapp would carry out a sentence of 20 years with a mandatory of 5, the camera focused on all the women in his life allowing us to see their reactions to his sentencing.


His mother, Karen “KK” King seemed believably saddened as Scrapp is her baby. His girlfriend, Tommie, baby mother, Tiara, and side piece, Karlie Redd all had their moment to share their sorrow of Scrapp’s sentencing.

Apparently, Scrapp has a live in girlfriend named Erica who is the mother to his child, Akil. Word on the street is that Erica has money due to her being a hair stylist with celebrity clients.

Now, how is he able to date these other women with a live in girlfriend? I don’t know. Maybe she looks that other way because she knows the show is just a soap opera for entertainment.

I wonder why Mona wouldn’t feature her? Maybe she felt like Tommie was better looking and better for ratings.

Interesting enough, his main girlfriend was missing. Or maybe she was in the courtroom and Mona Scott-Young didn’t want us to see her.


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