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Rumor Control: Guess Which Famous Actress Is Reportedly Dating Queen Latifah?

It’s long been talked about for years that rapper-turned-singer-turned actress-turned producer, Queen Latifah, prefers women. But she’s always stayed out of the limelight with it.


Now it turns out that she reportedly has had commitment issues, just like heterosexual men and women.

Queen Latifah revealed her commitment phobia in an interview as her and Paula Patton make the rounds on the talk

She added, “I had to to deal with why I was so afraid to get into committed relationships and once I started to figure some of those things out, then all the walls start to fall down a little more, made life a lot easier.”

Patton, who experienced very public divorce from singer/songwriter Robin Thicke, was asked if she relates to her character in the movie, who is a therapist providing advice on heartbreak.

“I certainly have the experience,” Patton responded. “… it just makes you stronger… in the moment it’s hard, but it does benefit you in the end and I do think no matter how many time your heart gets broken, you have to get back up and go back in it.”

So… with Patton and Queen Latifah making the rounds to promote their move, rumors have started that the two are the “new lesbian power couple.”

However, although at least one celebrity blog has put them together as a romantic couple, there is no indication from either of them that that is the case.

In fact, Patton just yesterday on social media let fans know what kind of man she is looking for.

“If you pout you’re out,” she said. “I’m not dealing with a pouty man… I’m not doing that anymore.”
As to Queen Latifah, the last we heard, she was romantically linked to Eboni Nichols.

Latifah is executive producer and Patton is a member of the cast.

The movie is about a guy who doesn’t believe in commitment, and of course his buddies challenge that notion with the so-called “perfect match.”

While on “The Talk,” Queen Latifah was asked about her thoughts on commitment. She replied:

“I just don’t think you can force somebody to deal with their commitment issues… I’m speaking from someone who was the original runaway bride.”


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