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TEACH TALK: Why Is a ‘Peach’ App Taking Over Social Media?

If you haven’t tried Peach out because you don’t have an iOS device, a developer has ginned up something called “Nectarine” which is an unofficial Android and web version of the service.


Part Facebook, part Path and part Tumblr the app helps you share parts of your life with friends. It was created by Dom Hofmann, the co-founder of the widely popular video app Vine. Here’s everything you want to know about Peach before you give it a shot.

What is Peach?

First and foremost, Peach is a new social network. It’s like if Facebook and Tumblr had a baby. With Peach, you create a timeline of updates, in chronological order. It’s like a blog, but without all the effort.

A typical Peach profile looks like this: You wake up and type in “good morning” to automatically post the weather and current time. Not wanting to get out of bed, you punch in “GIF” to search for a GIF that expresses your exhaustion.

Then you compose a note about your morning coffee and add a pic of your witty mug. One of your Peach friends comments that she loves your mug. Before you leave the house, you check your friend’s Peach profile, see she used “here” to show she’s at the gym and give it a Like.

Those text commands (like “good morning” and “here”) are called Magic Words and they help you share information quickly. These shortcuts are the best part of the app by far.

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