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NBA Baller Nate Robinson Apologized to His Girlfriend After Getting His Side-Chick Pregnant

Former Chicago Bulls star Nate Robinson apologized to his girlfriend, Sheena Felitz, for cheating on her and siring a green eyed baby boy with a jump off.


Robinson posted a lengthy heartfelt apology on Instagram, atoning for his sins and begging his girlfriend for forgiveness.

Check out what he said below:

I have to give this woman right the biggest apology in the world … Sheena I’m very sorry for all I have done to you , all the times I crushed ur heart and feelings … I’m sorry for not being the man that you want me to be , we share 3 beautiful children together they are our world … I Owe you guys everything. So as a man I want to ask if you can forgive me for all my wrongs I have made many mistakes and I dnt want you to judge me for them , if you can find it in your heart to forgive me for being disrespectful, diss honest, ungrateful, impulsive, I have asked the lord to forgive me for what I have done to you & i hope you can show mercy as he does , if not I understand. I want nothing more than to see you happy with or without me , again I’m truly sorry for me being a true bad guy off and on for years … I’m trying my best to change the man/father/ I use to be , I know I can be better and I will , I want to own up to what I have done and stepping out on you was not the right thing to do.. I should of been a man and told you the truth ,I should of talked to you about what I was doing and gave you a choice I didn’t and I’m sorry … Through mistakes GOD shows us grace , mercy and blessings… You deserve to be happy and I hope you get that one day, just want you to know I’m sorry and truly sorry , if you could dig deep in that beautiful heart of yours and fine an ounce of forgive would be wonderful !! I love you No matter the outcome …😘 #arealmanownsup it takes a strong person today I’m truly sorry,and an even STRONGER PERSON TO FORGIVE !!!Love is not how you forget,but how you forgive , not how you listen but how you understand, not how you see but how you feel & not how you let GO but how you hold on and move forward !!!Im sorry Sheena Rae


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