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Apple to Sell Hermès Apple Watch Collection Online

Look at what we have here….Hermès and Apple are teaming up together to create a new luxury watch.


From what I’ve learned, It has been reported that the deal was made back in September during Fashion Week.

According to Fashionista, Apple knew that not only is the tech company  known for forward thinking in terms of technology, but their products are overpriced, but damn near worth every penny! The company considers themselves as a “luxury brand” and knew teaming up with Hermès was the right business move.

October is when the first debut launch took place of the collection, but it was only available in select Apple and Hermès store locations: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Toronto! Ahhh, don’t you sometimes wish your city was highly favored like the rest of these well-known hot spots?


Any who, don’t be too sad because Apple and Hermès will officially launch their collaboration online on Friday, January 22! It will be finally available for purchase through the web on apple.com and hermes.com

Which one to buy?

There are three models, the Single Tour, the Double Tour, and the Cuff — and all provide very different looks to the regular versions sold by Apple. The Single Tour is a traditional strap made from leather with a Hermès branded, stainless steel buckle, in either fauve, noir, or capucine colors. It comes attached to either the 38mm or 42mm stainless steel Watch body, and costs $1,100.

The $1,250 Double Tour is an extra long version of the Single Tour’s strap, and is designed to wrap around your wrist twice. It’s paired with the 38mm Apple Watch, and is available in four colors: bleu jean, étain, capucine, and fauve. Finally, the $1,500 Cuff is only made for the 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch, and only comes in a fauve-colored calf leather.

Better get those coins up if you’re interested on this high-end deal!

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