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TECH NEWS: Android Update With New Emoji Arriving Next Week

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s senior vice president for Chrome and Android, took to Twitter to share that an Android software update is on its way for Nexus devices.


That could mean that Huawei could renew its partnership with Google and the project could include the next Nexus flagship smartphone in 2016. A unicorn, a lion and a crab will be among the new emojis released by Google in the coming days. The good news is that a whole bunch of new emoji are set to hit the Android platform beginning next week.

While Nexus devices will get updated next week, OEMs will be planning out their own rollout schedules. The Google SVP of Android also confirmed on Twitter that this update is coming in the form of an update to the OS itself, not through Google Keyboard. Keep in mind that you will need to click on each of the names on the list if you want to see their graphical representation. According to Tech Times, LG G4 owners in the us may look forward to the new Android 6.0 update to roll out to their devices before the year ends. However, in case you were wondering, taco, middle finger, unicorn, upside down smiley, popcorn, and turkey emoji are all there.

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