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New Music: Adele feat. Rick Ross – ‘Hello (Remix)’

Last week Adele released her new, long-awaited track, “Hello,” and the Internet went crazy. Now Rick Ross has shared a remix of the track as part of his Renzel Remixes series as he promotes his upcoming studio album Black Market, due out in December.


“Tears fall all the way to the south of France,” Ross spits, “Poverty line hang lower than my pants / Invited to the Grammys but I feel so out of place / After we watch plates they were always out of state.” Later, he drops references to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 and James Cameron’s Titanic, before conjuring a quintessentially Bawse image: “Aroma of the dank as I’m breezing through the bank.”

Ross will follow Black Dollar with his eighth studio album, Black Market, which is scheduled for release in November. The album marks Rozay’s third in two years, following his two 2014 efforts, Hood Billionaire and Mastermind. Earlier this month, Ross premiered the first single, “Sorry,” featuring Chris Brown.

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