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Paula Deen Is Joining Dancing With the Stars

Paula Deen will be joining the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars, a source confirmed to Us Weekly.


Deen reportedly turned down an offer to dance on the hit TV show last year, following her forced exile from TV and radio.

Advertisers abandoned Deen’s Food Network show in droves in 2013 after a former manager of Deen’s popular Savannah, GA restaurant filed a lawsuit accusing her of uttering racist slurs and creating a hostile work environment.

Deen caught heat again when her official Twitter account tweeted a photo of her and her son Bobby Deen, who was posing in black face.

The caption read:

“Lucyyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do! #TransformationTuesday”

The tweet was quickly deleted.

Deen later disavowed any prior knowledge of the tweet. She said she terminated the staffer who updated her Twitter account.

E! News was first to break the story about Deen’s DWTS gig.

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