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Alicia Keys Is Levi’s Newest Face

Looks like Levi has unveiled a new women’s denim collection on Tuesday that features a range of styles for different body types, including skinny cuts, shaping styles and curvy fits.


The retailer is pushing the line, which will be in stores on Wednesday, with ads featuring Alicia Keys and other female musicians.

The new collection is said to be a result of two years of research, according to the New York Times, and will feature material flexibility that’s almost comparable to those found in yoga pants: “The one comment that came up in every interview was that fabric and feeling is now as important as fit,” Karyn Hillman, the chief product officer at Levi Strauss & Company, told the Times.

Actually I’m a BIG fan of Levi’s, so I think this a really great idea….to use Alicia Keys in their marketing scheme.

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