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50 Cent DISSES “Empire” Again

We all know 50 Cent is not a fan of Empire.


The hip-hop mogul accused Fox’s popular series of adopting promtions similar to those of his own show Power. A few months ago, Curtis threw light on his complaints and even had a little back and forth with Taraji P. Henson. Now, he returns with another shot at the series.

50 suggested that Empire should be available for free and he doesn’t find a reason why people should pay to watch it. Power, on the other hand, is worth paying for, if you ask him. EMPIRE is some s*** you should get for free,” he wrote on Instagram “Now that power is worth paying for, STARZ premium cable. SAT, 9pm don’t miss it you want to be the only motherf***er that don’t know what’s going on?” 50 Cent’s diss coincides with the announcement Power has been renewed for another season as 10 episodes of the drama have been slated for its third season.

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