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Trouble In Paradise: Sage The Gemini’s Ex- Fiancée Stirs Up Some Cheating Allegations

If things are what they appear to be, Jordin Sparks has unfortunately found herself in the middle of another romantic train wreck.


Recently, a woman by the name of Curium Hurley, who claims to be the ex-fiancée of Sparks’current boyfriend Dominic “Sage the Gemini” Woods, came forward alleging that the rapper cheated on her with Sparks after he proposed to her in January. According to Hurley, their relationship ended due to his infidelity and he entered a full-blown relationship with Sparks, but he never stopped trying to get back with her.

Hurley is alleging that she spent time with Woods this past Sunday and for whatever reason, she decided to reach out to Sparks to inform her of what her new boyfriend has been up to. In private Instagram messages that include screenshots of text messages allegedly exchanged between Hurley and Woods, the California native delivered the news to the “No Air” singer.

You can check out the full gallery of text message snapshots over at The Shade Room, but here is a little bit of what you can expect.


Jordin has yet to comment on the allegations, but earlier this week, we spoke to her about her relationship with Woods and all seemed well. When we asked her why she decided to be so open with this new relationship she’s building with Woods, the singer had this to say:

Well, I was always open with my relationships. My life has pretty much been an open book so I’m not going to change now. That’s just how I’ve always been, but in terms of how we’re presenting it, I feel like it was something where we both had to be comfortable. We both talked about it like, “Are we comfortable with this? Do we want to do this?” If there’s anything that’s precious to you, especially if you’re in the public eye and you decide to put it out there, there’s always a chance that someone is going to try to rip it apart. They’re going to try to dissect it and turn it into something that it’s not. For us, we just talked about it and said “Are we okay?” Because to me, they’re just comments. I’m out here working. I’m not worried about this comment or whatever. So for both of us, we had the discussion and we both felt comfortable. That’s just how I’ve always been and how I’ll continue to be.

We really want Jordin to win!

The Shade Room

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