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HOT GOSSIP: Chris Brown Wants Child Support Payments Reduced!


GigiOnThat.com has learned, Chris Brown reportedly is heading to family court in order to REDUCE the child support payments he agreed to pay Nia Guzman, the mother of his child, because she spilled the beans about the baby.


TMZ reports that Chris found out about baby Royalty about a month ago. At the time, he agreed to pay her “substantially more” than he’d likely be ordered to pay in family court (which is based on his income). From what I found out, Chris wanted in return for the higher payments was for Nia to not talk.

Now that she supposedly has talked, Chris’s lawyers are headed to family court to get the child support payments reduced to what the court calculates they should be, based on his earnings.

So was Nia the one who broke the story, then… oops!

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  1. While it may seem unfair for a wealthy celebrity to ask for reduced child support payments, one should also factor in all of the other items divorced father’s pay for like, clothes, food, health, education related expenses and vacations to name a few. It’s time to reform child support. https://breakingdad.co

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