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Is Rihanna The REAL Reason Why Solange Attacked Jay Z??

Beyonce’s sister Solange went CRAZY on Jay Z after the rapper insisted on going to Rihanna‘s Met Gala after-party.


It apparently all started when Solange invited some non-famous pals to a post-gala soiree at The Standard. Those guest were reportedly name dropping Jay’s moniker as opposed to Bey’s baby sister’s name, which caused management to be alerted — and the rapper to snap.

A sad Solange wanted to leave the party immediately, but on their way out, Jay mentioned he was going to stop by Rihanna’s celebration at Up & Down solo…

After getting wind that the mogul would not be attending the bash with his wife, the source said Solange flipped:

“She seemed drunk and irritated. She said, ‘Why can’t you go home?’ and to Beyonce ‘Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?'”

Ultimately, the rapper decided against going to RiRi’s party


  1. i doubt that. solange too classy for that

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