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Teyana Taylor and Sandra Rose Go In on Each Other Via Twitter

Blogger Sandra Rose and artist Teyana Taylor go in on each other via Twitter.


It all started when blogger Sandra Rose posted a story regarding Teyana being Colin’a accuser..

Check out what Sandra wrote:

“Something is fishy with this whole Colin Kaepernick story. It was already reported that the woman at the center of the center of the scandal was someone he had a relationship with in the past. Now it is coming out that woman is in fact Teyana Taylor which would make sense given the past relationship and the fact that both are in Miami now. I mean she just posted all those near naked pics on Instagram 2 days ago that everyone is freaking out about (I know you already saw them): Click Here to read the rest!



  • Oh Sandra, she stays giving us bloggers the best name! SMH

    • Celeb Editor

      Sandra Rose…..gets it in on these celebrities.

  • Kareem Williams

    Why is this old lady Sandra Rose still getting in to drama? This is crazy yo

  • I love Aunty Sandra. Teyana should be grateful anyone is paying her ass attention. She’s been dropping an album since she was 16 years old.

  • Wow this beef was entertaining.

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