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Is Diddy’s Baby Mama House Being Foreclosed?

I understand these rich people!! According to TMZ, the house that Diddy brought his first baby mama owes the bank a lot of money.


According to new legal docs, Diddy purchased a swank 3-bedroom 3,215 sq. ft. house in Westchester, NY, back in 2003 for ex Misa Hylton-Brim — the mother of his first child Justin — but for some reason, the bank stopped getting payments in 2010.

According to legal docs, Diddy took out a $712,000 mortgage. As of 2010, he owed $622,518 … a sum that’s been accruing interest ever since.

The bank now wants all of its money, or else the house is going up for auction.

When do they realize they have to pay their bills, when they read it on the blogs or something?


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