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Erica Mena And Cyn Santana Get A Reality Spin Off Show!

Love and Hip Hop New York’s most famous couples, Erica Mena and Cyn Santana plan on getting married.


Rumor is they are in the works of getting married and VH1 will be giving them a spin off called ‘Erica & Cyn.

I’m hearing that there maybe a chance Erica Mena will be proposing to Cyn Santana at the reunion special next week, but don’t hold me to that, because it hasn’t been confirmed.

Do you think Erica is taking it to far, just to keep her spot on the show?


  1. That explains a lot. They still look like sisters, though. Erica definitely has the good-good cause she keeps cheating and they all keep running back.

  2. Ohh lord I really don’t think these two can carry an entire reality show I think they need to throw Rich Dollaz in the mix to make it interesting….

  3. They’re just giving anyone a reality show now.

  4. Their relationship freaks me out because they look too much alike!!!! I don’t think Erica is all into Cyn like that, I think they are just doing something for tv. If they get a spin off, I would watch because they’ll do anything for tv.

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