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Malcolm-Jamal Warner Talks Regina King Break-Up!

Malcolm-Jamal Warner Talks Regina King Break-Up!


Malcolm-Jamal Warner is a man of many talents according to Sister2Sister Magazine.

Learn more about his latest return to the stage, why “Reed Between the Lines” didn’t work out, what he thinks about having children and more in the January 2013 issue.
Plus, he talks about his relationship with Regina King in the excerpt below.

Ariana: As someone who’s been a fan of yours for years, I’ve really admired the way that you kind of keep your personal business out of the limelight.
Malcolm: Sure.

Ariana: And kind of just made sure that, you know, what’s yours is yours. And I know I’m a journalist saying that, but I do have to say that. But I really was just kind of surprised at the end of your relationship with Regina. And you were talking about kids, and I know that she has a son. Are you still in touch with him? Do you guys still talk or are you still in his life?
Malcolm: We’re all very cool.

Ariana: Okay, good. That makes me happy. So is it hard dating in the spotlight?
Malcolm: Well, I mean, you try not to date in the spotlight. I think what Regina and I—you know, we had been together for several years before people realized we were together. So unfortunately our breakup got more coverage than our being together, and that kind of sucked ‘cause we spent so much time trying to keep it out of the public eye, and then the breakup was so much in the public eye. So all relationships have their share of obstacles, and you just try not to have yours plastered.

Ariana: It’s such a sad word to use, but it’s true.
Malcolm: Yeah.

Ariana: So are you doing that now though? Can I ask that?
Malcolm: I’m on a hiatus right now.


  1. He didn’t fall for the trap, he’s not telling us who he’s dating.

  2. I liked these two as a couple…things happen

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