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Gladys Knight Lands A Reality Show On Oprah’s Own Network

Diva Gladys Knight and Oprah Winfrey are teaming up to bring a new reality show to the OWN Network, called ‘Knight Life with Gladys.


Highlights of the season include, Ms.Knight promoting her album ‘Another Journey’, her brother Bubba attempting to go solo and branch away from the group (which made he and his sister famous) and a few other celebratory moments. We will also see the dynamic between she and her husband/manager William and  how they manage their time between working and quality time between each other. During the teaser, Gladys shares her love for motorcycles, telling the cameras:

“You know I’m a speed demon.”

William, Gladys’ husband, who suggests that the couple needs to make their relationship a priority:

I love my wife more than I can measure, but the difficulty is that I am both her husband and her manager. And the amount of work that she takes on is so unbelievably crazy. She accepts what she wants to accept, and she denies what she wants to deny. And we need to find that time for one another

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