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Suge Knight Pulled Over By LAPD, Guns Drawn

The 48-year-old founder and CEO of Death Row Records Suge Knight found himself facing LAPD officers with guns drawn after he was pulled over yesterday.


As you can see in the pic above, officers didn’t hesitate to make him assume the position.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, police had received a report of an assault, and the suspect matched Suge’s description — so when officers spotted Suge in his vehicle … they pulled him over, and jumped out of their patrol car with their guns drawn.

We’re told Suge agreed to go to the police station, where he explained he wasn’t the man they were looking for … in fact, police now believe the initial report of an assault was bogus.

Suge was eventually released … but sources close to the hip hop mogul tell TMZ, he is extremely pissed about the misunderstanding — and is considering filing a lawsuit.

Knight was arrested by Los Angeles police back in September after being pulled over for a traffic violation, according to the LA Times.

He was pulled over near Beverly Hills, said LAPD officer Drake Madison who also declined to specify what the alleged traffic violation was.

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