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Lil’ Kim Accused of Using Stolen Picture

 Lil’ Kim has been accused of stealing a picture of one of Reddit’s popular make- up artists and using it for commercial purposes.


The Canadian female named Samantha Ravndahl claimed that the raptress used the picture as the cover art for her latest release.

This is how it started, after Ravndahl posted a creepy picture of herself in make-up depicting a skull with green and decaying skin. She wasn’t happy when she found out that the image appeared in Kim’s “Dead Gal Walking” a.k.a. “Hardcore 2K13” mixtape as well as in her social media accounts with a copyright logo added to it.

In fact, on Lil’ Kim’s official Instagram page, Ravndahl’s photo even appears with a copyright mark attributed to Lil’ Kim.


With Reddit firmly on Ravndahl, it wasn’t long before the image was overrun with users calling Lil’ Kim a “thief” and a “washed up cum bucket.”

TMZ says it spoke with Ravndahl, and she, in turn, claims to have spoken with Lil’ Kim’s people, who initially brushed off her demands for payment.

After insisting, Ravndahl was told to be patient, as Lil’ Kim’s management “works slowly.”

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