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Did Joe Budden Propose To Tahiry Jose?

Oh shoot, stop the press! Rumor has it the womanizer Joe Budden has supposedly taken a bold step to surrender his playboy lifestyle.


Thursday night the rapper was spotted in Manhattan asking Tahiry to marry him. The entire thing was documented by a camera crew, and bystanders who thankfully posted video on Instagram.

The rapper apparently proposed to his on-and-off girlfriend Tahiry Jose, last night in the middle of New York’s Times Square. A short clip of Joe Budden screen broadcasting what is believed to be proposal message for Tahiry, has surfaced.

Budden is seen holding a dry-erase board with words: “Love is: Compromise, Forgiveness, Family , Sex, Commitment, Tahiry.”

Of course I’ve been checking his social media pages and the couple have yet to confirm or deny they are engaged.

It may be for Love & Hip Hop ratings what do you think?


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