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Dr.Dre Demands Website Take Down Posts Accusing Him Of Cheating

I’m sure you might of heard already, that Dr. Dre plans on leaving his wife Nicole Threatt for video vixen, Kili Anderson. Well, according to Dre’s lawyers, this is totally false and they are doing everything they can put the rumors to rest.


TMZ obtained a cease and desist letter from Dre’s attorneys sent to the gossip site TheDirty.com. Dre is demanding that the site remove all posts suggesting that he slept with a women named Kili Anderson.

On October 28th, The Dirty published a post titled “Dr. Dre’s Mistress Kili Anderson” which allegedly featured photos of Dre and Anderson together. The post also suggests that the “booty model/gold digger” believed that The Chronic producer was going to drop his wife for her. A later post called “Dr. Dre Is Allowed To Have Numerous Relationships” has a picture of a ring that the site claims was given to Anderson by Dre.

The lawyer’s letter says the posts contain “scandalous, false accusations” about Dr. Dre and calls The Dirty’s articles “demonstrably false and libelous.”

The Good Doctor’s legal team is also asking for an apology but TheDirty.com is not giving in.

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