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Brandon T. Jackson Said US Airways Flight Attendant Called Me the N-Word

Tropic Thunder star Brandon T. Jackson is upset with with US Airways after allegedly experiencing racism on a flight.


Jackson who is best known for his role as Grover in the Percy Jackson movies , says he was on a US Airways flight when a flight attendant named Dee approached him and asked him to sit down.

An argument ensued and Jackson claims the flight attendant said, “I don”t care if you’re Obama’s son — get in your seat!!” Jackson says the flight attendant also called him the n-word.

The Fast Furious actor took to Twitter to express his outrage mid-flight.

US AIRWAYS their so racist they said “i don”t care if your Obama son get in your seat!!” Flight 629 flight attendant “DEE” please help !!!!—
Brandon T Jackson (@brandontjackson) 

blogs please help me pick this up they called me the N-word and said i don’t care if your Obama son us airways flight 629 attendant dee—
Brandon T Jackson (@brandontjackson)

The cops are questioning me this is ridiculous … Please help—
Brandon T Jackson (@brandontjackson) 

I was released from question and stranded in phx they will not let me fly anymore I don’t want to .. I’m taking this to CNN—
Brandon T Jackson (@brandontjackson) 

The 29-year-old actor says he was later escorted off the plane — and questioned by police in Phoenix.

US airways has yet to comment on Jackson’s claims.

Brandon’s set to star in the upcoming final season of “Californication” kicking off January 2014.  And his attempt at rebooting “Beverly Hills Cop” with Eddie Murphy is now a no-go as no US networks picked up the series.

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