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Bishop Noel Jones Talk Gay Rumors and Relationship With Loretta (Video)

Preachers of LA reality show Bishop Noel Jones talks about people speculating about his sexuality, relationship with Loretta (“Preachers of LA”) and alleged relationship with actress LisaRaye (“Single Ladies”).


Jones opens up in a recent interview, the Bishop addressed all three of those topics and also weighed in on Lady Gaga and his sister, Grace Jones.

“They say I’m gay or I’m a player. Why can’t I just be me?” Bishop Jones told OMG Insider when asked about his love life. “Loretta is my friend. I don’t know that Loretta is my choice as much as I’m her choice. “

Looking back at LisaRaye, who he was rumored to have been dating for sometime, Bishop Jones said she simply wanted to get closer to God…

“Lisa Raye is one beautiful lady who loves God and wants to be close to God and I was just an avenue to help her to get there,” said Bishop Jones.

Check out the full interview below to see what he has to say about his health, sister Grace Jones and her refusing to collaborate with Lady Gaga.

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